Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Television Schedule

For years now, I've made mock schedules for television. I still think and hope that one day this dream will turn into a reality. TV schedules that make sense and are for the people. I think their are so many cord cutters and people just fed up with their tv programming. This is where I come in. I will do a series of mock tv schedules and tell me what you think.

First off, Vintage TV. Obviously you know what that means.

Monday thru Fri.

5:00 am-Kojak
6:00am-Who's the Boss (x2)
7:00am-Mary Tyler Moore (x2)
10:00am-The Wonder Years-x2
11:00am-Punky Brewster
12:00pm-Step by Step
1:00pm-Charles In Charge
2pm-The Hogan Family
3pm-Silver Spoons
5pm-Diff'rent Strokes
6pm-Beauty and the Beast (cbs version)
7pm-Jake and the Fatman
10pm-My 3 Sons (the entire series)
11pm-Archie Bunker's Place
12am-The Lucy Show
1am-The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
2am to 5am-Repeat of 2pm to 5pm


5am-Eight is Enough
7am-Saved by the Bell:The New Class
9am-California Dreams
10am-City Guys
11am-Bachelor Father
12pm-The Millionaire
1pm-Family Affair
2pm-One Hit/One season Wonders
8pm-The Wonder Years
10pm-The Hogan Family
11pm-Father Dowling Mysteries
1am-Life Goes On
3am-Step by Step


5am-Eight is Enough
7am-City Guys
8am-California Dreams
9am-Saved by the Bell:The New Class
10am-One hit/one season wonder
2pm-The Wonder Years
4pm-Mary Tyler Moore
7pm to 11pm-Gem TV featuring
Bachelor Father, The Millionaire, My 3 Sons, The Lucy Show
11pm-Archie Bunker's Place
12am-Life Goes On
2am-Father Dowling Mysteries
4am-Family Affair

So what do you guys think?

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Decline in Print Newspapers

Let me just say I like newspapers. Maybe its because I grew up at a time where the newspaper was gospel. Now, you hear that the newspaper is dying and I dont think its right. How is it that we have selfie sticks and apps for every little thing yet, the newspaper is dying along with people's jobs? I always thought the newspaper was very insightful and I dont know if the newspapers threw  in the towel because I've seen a decline just in quality alone. Look at the New Haven Register. Besides the inserts and coupons why should you get the paper? For me, I like the sports section of any paper. The Register has a good sports section as well. The person "Associated Press" does a great job. Notice the sarcasm. I mean now its to the point that we cut and paste articles now? When was the last time you saw a great piece by a Register Sports Writer that did not talk about high school sports, Yale or Uconn? Yeah, I cant think of it either.

I'm not trying to pick on the Register per say. Its just I would love to have people get out physically read a newspaper. I guess I've always found myself "very adult" if you read a newspaper. I dont know why but I just do. Look at the USA Today. I loved that paper growing up. Colorized, big print, full of information. Now, like Parade, its very thin. I think we get a little bit to dependent on computers and whatnot. I get that there a great tool in all but now its to the point where everything is computerized. Doesnt anybody want to read a newspaper anymore? Or actually, physically go to a library and take a book out?

The sad part is with a little imagination and a lot of good writers, the newspaper problem could be solved. Give people variety and insight and not so much slander. Plus, it would give people jobs. How many people in this country would want to blog/write for a newspaper? Millions of them. They should be given an opportunity. If they fail, they fail. Its a part of life. But they should be given a chance. I still believe there are great writers out there but its a shame that their talent would not be put to good use.

Lets face it, not everybody is computer savvy. I'm talking whether they are people 5 or 50 years old, some people cant grasp technology. Why make it any harder? You think a Senior Citizen knows what an app  is? Or how to download ebooks or whatever? Some do but a lot of them don't. And why  should they  have too? Give people options.

I guess in closing, I'm old school. I dont mind reading a magazine or a newspaper. Doesnt take a lot of effort. Its too bad that the newspaper as far as size and distribution is getting smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner. Their's a lot of great work that will never be published which is a shame to the publisher and most importantly, the reader.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wrestlemania 31 Predictions

The Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania 31 takes place this Sunday. The hype for WrestleMania has been somewhat all over the place. There's the good (Sting/HHH), the bad (I-C Title hype-well anything involving R-Truth) and the bizarre (Orton/Rollins). Here are my predictions and my thoughts on how these matches were built.

Brock Lesnar vs.  Roman Reigns. I thought I missed something on Raw when Reigns came out and the next thing I saw he was playing tug o war with the title. He didnt speak? That, to me, was somewhat mind boggling. Now, people have really railed against Reigns since the Royal Rumble feeling that Daniel Bryan and maybe even Dolph Ziggler deserved Reigns' spot. I will say the crowd reaction should be interesting. I mean now that Lesnar is staying, I would think the fans at WM will cheer Lesnar wildly. Its too bad for Roman. I like Roman, I really do. I think the problem is that fans wanted some closure to Bryan's chase for the title and never got it. He got injured but there was never him chasing the title he never lost story and the fans resent Roman for it. Its not Roman's fault in the least. Btw, Paul Heyman has been nothing short of phenomonal during this. Actually, he's always great. I mean what else is there to say about him that hasnt already been said? Onto the match, I think Reigns beats Lesnar and Rollins cashes in MITB.

Sting vs. HHH- I'm a little surprised at all the WCW talk going into this considering WCW shut down 14 years today. I've liked the hype to this. Sting, standing for morals and seeing how WCW shut down wants to make sure HHH doesnt do the samething to WWE. Its obvious that fans want Sting based on his reactions and he looked good on Monday. He seemed fired up. I will say I dont think this will be Sting/Flair at the first Clash but I think it will be good enough that it will have a lot of drama. I think Sting wins clean. I'd actually have HHH call out Sting after WM and continue to taunt him to giving him a rematch and Sting comes through the crowd every other week or every two weeks and attacks Authority members like he did in 1996/1997 until they have there rematch at Summerslam.

The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt.-Tough for a guy to carry a feud when the other guy isnt there but Wyatt has done a great job. I mean he's a great talker. I see a lot of Jake Roberts and even some Mick Foley in his delivery. I guess I can understand why Taker wasnt on tv before WM but I would have liked to seen him on Raw because he is The UnderTaker. Believe it or not, I'd have Wyatt win and then build The UnderTaker for next year as a guy whose struggling after the streak. This would lead me into the UnderTaker vs. John Cena match up next year. UT wins and UnderTaker retires.

John Cena vs. Rusev- I've liked the hype to this match. Rusev looked like a badass on Monday and that was a great angle. Sadly, we've been down this road before. Cena will hulk up and give AA's to about 50 guys and he'll end Rusev's streak. I mean that shouldnt happen. Give that Ziggler or Ambrose. I mean give it to somebody that can be pushed with that. Cena doesnt need to end his winning streak. He doesnt need it. Not only that but Cena gets a little too rah-rah with me being the Ultra Patriot. I mean I get where he's coming from but he's getting a little annoying. I mean, what's next? Him coming down at WM looking like Apollo Creed in Rocky 4 with the USA Top Hat etc. So, in closing Cena wins.

The IC-Title Match- The hype for this as of a couple of weeks ago has been lousy. R-Truth adds or has added nothing to the match. Its a shame because I like Truth and loved when he was a heel with Little Jimmy. I mean all Truth has done is take a a title that doesnt belong to him, clown around on commentary and not put over the guys in the ring on commentary and treats the title as a joke. In fact, everybody played hot potato with the title doesnt make the title look strong. I think this will be a dangerous, fun and memorable match. I think Daniel Bryan wins, just because...well give the guy a break already.

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins-This could be the sleeper match. The hype was strange as Orton came back at Fastlane attacked The Authority only to go back with them the next night. Lets face it, it made The Authority look like fools for thinking Orton was back. The whole story wasnt good. I mean what if at Fastlane Orton came back and attacked Ryback's team instead and THEN a few weeks do the beat down? I mean everybody could see that Orton was setting a trap and made The Authority look bad. That being said, I loved the beatdown that Orton gave to Rollins. It was vicious. Now Rollins should have gotten his heat back. Maybe on Monday he should have snuck in and curb stomped Orton but Orton looked stronger. Me, my prediction, I see Orton winning overshadowing that Rollins cashes in later that night.

The Divas Tag Team Match- Believe it or not, this could be the show stealer. I think if there given time to work they could steal the show as all 4 divas are ones the fans care about.  Nikki Bella is really shining and Paige and AJ are great. I think Brie has lost some momentum since SummerSlam but the fact is that these 4 draw some crowd reactions and when given time to work they could put a pretty good match on. Hopefully #GiveDivasAChance is starting to resonate in WWE. I think The Bellas cheat but they win Sunday.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal- My gut feeling is saying Ryback is going to win. They seem to be pushing him a little more but I think the Big Guy takes it. I also think it comes down to Miz and Ryback and Mizdow either turns here or somehow Mizdow costs Miz the match either by accident or on purpose. If its by accident then Mizdow tries to apologize, Miz wont have none of it and Mizdow attacks the Miz. Think of when Virgil turned on Ted Dibiase at the Royal Rumble in 1991.

The 4 Way Tag Match-It shows how much I care about this match as I had to see who the 4 tag teams were. I like New Day. I do for some reason but I think they get booed so bad that there not winning. Forget Los Matadores. I cant stand that bull. Natalya could've eaten him for all I care. What an annoying gimmick they are. The Usos I would have picked but I dont know about Jimmy or is it Jey's, injury. The Uso might not do too much because of it. So, I'll say Kidd and Cesaro retain. They deserve it. Two great workers with a great worker, Natalya, in there corner.

So what do you guys think of my predictions for WrestleMania 31?

How I would change the NCAA Womens Basketball Tournament

I like the NCAA Womens Tournament. I like the fact, that just like the men, all the games are televised. Its a far cry from the days where maybe you saw one or two women's tournament games on ESPN or CBS or wherever.  I like the fact that the Women's tournament gets treated on par with the Men's as far as tv exposure, sites where the games are held etc.

But like everything else the Women's Tournament does need help. I mean if you follow the tournament somewhat you'll see that the Women's Tournament does need to broaden itself to make the overall experience good. This blog will hopefully give some ideas on how I'd fix the Women's Tournament.

1) Go to neutral sites for the first 2 rounds just like the men.  I know what your saying "why do this when the games for each site which has home teams draws nobody? Honestly, to me, its a pride thing. I mean if you watched Albany at. Duke last week, there was nobody there. Duke. At Duke and there tons of empty seats. I mean how can you justify that?

Check out this article from about the women's attendance. 

Uconn, the Kings of College Basketball only drew 4,000 per game for each of there first 2 games, about half of what they usually draw. Now, yes, South Carolina drew about 10,000 for each of there games but you cant tell me that even having a home game that you don't sell out doesn't worry you. The reason for the neutral sites is just to get away from being home because its embarrassing. I mean at least try what the Men's tournament is doing. Technically there not home games but at least there not campus. Imagine watching Duke play at home and nobody's there? Besides, neutral sites grow the game and I'm not talking that far away. I'll get to that in a moment.

2)ESPN needs to be better on there coverage. This article from awful announcing says it best.

If there's a better game to get to, go to it. There's no reason you have to stay with a Uconn game when there winning by 30 points and there are other games that are close. I know ESPN would stay with the game in my area because I live in CT. but you have to do a better job with there whip-around coverage as well. There have been lots of times a team will have a 20 pt. lead and they stay with the game even though its not a local team. Be like the Men's tourney used to be and when a team leads by over 10pts. switch to another game.

3)Move the Tournament back to Saturday. This Friday thing didn't work. How could it when half of the Men's Tournament started on Friday? Empty seats all over the place. I'd go to a Saturday/Monday, Sunday/Tuesday format like it was before. Therefore, you'll have the Men's Tournament involved but it wont be as bad.

4)Move the Selection Show back to Sunday. ESPN2 at 8pm sounds good to me. I mean something like that should be on a Sunday. Mondays at 7pm is somewhat of a burial time slot. I'd rather have it on Sundays at 8pm instead of the old days when I believe it was on before the Men's Tournament. That just didn't fit.

5)Focus on more than Uconn. We get it. There great. They draw ratings. But if you want to grow the Women's game, you need to focus more than Uconn. South Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Baylor, Norte Dame etc. It gets pretty boring when you have one team superior to the whole Women's game. People will get turned off if they don't see anybody that can be on Uconn's level, at least when it comes to exposure.

Now, back to the neutral sites. Here's how I would have scheduled the first round of the tournament:

March 21

FGCU/Okla. St.-12:30pm(Orlando)
Maryland/New Mexico St.-1pm(Baltimore)
Dayton/Iowa St.-1:30pm(Dayton)
FSU/Alabama St.-3pm(Orlando)
Baylor/Northwestern St.-3:45pm(Dallas)
Norte Dame/Montana-4:15pm(Dayton)
Louisville's game-7pm(Orlando)
Ohio St.'s game-7:15pm(Baltimore)
Arizona St.'s game-7:40pm (Dallas)
Minnesota's game-8pm(Dayton)
South Florida's game-9:40 pm(Orlando)
UNC's game-9:50pm(Baltimore)
Texas A&M game-10pm(Dallas)
Kentucky's game-10:10pm(Dayton)

March 22

To save time, I will just list one of the teams, the times and the venues

South Carolina-12:30pm(Raleigh)
Oklahoma-1:15pm(Moeghan Sun)
Gonzaga-2:05pm(Los Angeles)
Syracuse-2:45pm (Raleigh)
Stanford-3:50pm-Moeghan Sun
Texas-4:40pm-Los Angeles
Rutgers-7pm-Moeghan Sun
Oregon St.-8pm-L.A.
Miss. St.-9pm-Raleigh
Uconn-9:30-Moeghan Sun

Now the venues would be:

CFE Arena, Orlando-9,000
Baltimore Arena, Baltimore-14,000
Moody Coliseum-University Park-7,000
The Nutter Center-Dayton-10,400
Municipal Auditorium-Nashville-8,000
Mohegan Sun Arena-Uncasville, CT.-9,000
Rabobank Arena-Bakersfield, CA.-10,400
Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum-Winston Salem, NC.-14,000

All venues, locations and seating capacity are thanks to

OK, so the venues don't match up to what I planned but I think you understand. The venues are there and I think if they were announced in advance you can get a little bit of a buzz going on.  So, what do you guys think of my fixing of the NCAA Womens' Basketball Tournament?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Impact Wrestling on Destination America-Episode 1

We will see how long this last but I will be reviewing Impact Wrestling on Destination America. I was looking forward to the show as all the hype they put into it and plus they have been off for a while with the exception of there year in review specials. Ok, on to my thoughts:

Thought the show was ok.  I really liked the opening. That was an expensive yet very well done opening. I didnt like the beginning 30 mins. of the show. I mean the brawl went on way too long. Also, the building seemed very dark and the sound was off. I mean maybe it was me, but I couldnt hear a lot of the chants. When I did hear the chants some of it was edited by Destination America. The street fight was eh. I mean I really couldnt hear Angle and MVP on the mic but from what they said sounded good. I do like when they have street fights, falls count anywhere matches and they dont have there gear on. Just street clothes. I guess that's what I remember when I was growing up watching wrestling. Anyway, back to the street fight. It was eh like I said. Nothing wrong with it but who has submission holds in a street fight? Thats what I didnt like about it.

I thought production had a bad night. I mean especially when they missed the reveal of Low Ki and Joe and the slap JB gave EC3. Instead there seemed to be a shot of Tyrus's crotch. Hopefully, that can be corrected. I dont see why JB is now inserted in this feud. I mean is he going to fight EC3?

Can somebody stop Storm's character? I mean he's ripping off Bray Wyatt. Hell he even did the "I'm the devil" that Wyatt did on Raw. Storm deserves a lot better than this. He should be challenging for the World Title.  The Revolution looks more like the 1998 version of the Job Squad. I will say that I am looking forward to The Wolves vs. The Hardys. That should just be a damn good match.

The battle royal is what you'd see on Raw or Smackdown although I liked Kong coming back and loved the staredown between her and Havok. Btw, didnt Havok win her first match in a battle royal? That should've been mentioned. DJ was actually one of the highlights with his intro of Robbie E. I will say if Brooke could attack Robbie E. during the battle royal, why couldnt she compete in it?

X-Division was very good and Aries and Low-Ki have great chemistry. I'd like to see these guys go 20 mins. Surprised they took the title off of Low-Ki considering he's in the group with MVP.  I mean didnt Low-Ki win the title on the final show before Impact went on hiatus? Then why bother having him win the title in the first place?

I mean I dont like the heel turns of Joe and Young. Young as a heel will give me flashbacks to the World Elite faction. Joe is too popular to turn heel.  I just dont like it. EY  was good as the babyface in peril and why they need to turn him I'll never know. I'd like to see EY stay babyface and maybe turn Roode heel although he just turned babyface recently. Joe IS your best babyface option in my opinion without AJ Styles. I mean over the years Joe has had some lousy story lines(remember when he was kidnapped? The big knife he used to carry to the ring? His ill conceived turn and joining the Main Even Mafia?) Despite all that, the fans love Joe. I like Joe too. He reminds me somewhat of Taz, a guy that can throw suplexes, is no nonsense and just kicks ass. He's more agile than Taz was but I think he should be the centerpiece of Impact Wrestling.

What did you guys think of the show? These are just my opinions.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

If I was running the NFL...

I actually tinkered with this idea a few days ago and I like it but what do you guys think? Is this crazy? Here is how I would run the NFL. Now this is just my opinion. Ok, here it goes...



         Season starts on Sept. 13. No kickoff game. The real NFL starts on Sunday.

       Season ends on Jan 10, 2016. 16 games over 18 weeks. 2 bye weeks for each team.

       Week 12 is Thanksgiving so no bye weeks that week and the Turkey Day games are Divisional                      

              Thanksgiving Games

               Packers at. Lions
               Giants at. Cowboys
               Steelers at. Bengals

 There would be 8 1pm games and 3  4pm games for week 12.

The Bye Weeks

Week 3, 10-AFC South and NFC West
Week 4, 11-AFC East and NFC South
Week 5, 13-AFC West and NFC South
Week 6, 14-AFC North and NFC East

On those weeks-6  1pm games and 3  4 pm games plus SNF and MNF.

When there are no bye weeks, you could really have 10 1pm games and 4  4 pm games or any other combination.

Next year, Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday so I'm assuming there will be an NFL game. Put it at 3:30 ET. and feature maybe 2 west coast teams.

Bring back the Saturday Games!!

I would do that for Sat. Dec. 19 and Dec. 26. Therefore there would be no bowl games on those Saturdays. Have them in the middle of the week. Probably get better ratings too.

So the Saturday schedule would go:


Then the following week I'd alternate the networks so for example:

12:30 PM -FOX

Now, next year, Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday so I'm assuming there will be an NFL game. Put it at 3:30 ET. and feature maybe 2 west coast teams. Then on the 26th have the 3 Saturday games and then on the 27th  have 7 1pm games and 3 4pm games with SNF and MNF.

Now if NBC wanted in,  then put some network would be left out although they have SNF so I think they would be happy. So then on Dec. 20, you could have 8 1pm games and 3 4pm games along with SNF and MNF.

Have 3 London games. Start each one at 9:30 am. Have one be televised by FOX, another by CBS and the last one by ESPN.

I'd eliminate the TNF package and move those games to Sundays.

So the last week of the season would be week 18 on Jan. 11, 2016

Wild Card Round on Jan. 17 and 18, 2016
Divisional Round on Jan. 24 and 25, 2016
Championship Games on Feb. 1, 2016
Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 15, 2016

So what do you guys think? Do you like it?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dear NFL...

Dear NFL,

              My name is Jack C. Catalano. I'm 32 years old and have been a huge NFL fan ever since I could remember. When I was a kid, I would wear the Starter Jackets, buy the football magazines and when Sunday came, watch the games. Let me just say, I am glued every Thursday, Sunday and Monday to the NFL. I watch as much as I can. I try not to make any plans on those days so I could watch the games. There is one thing that I miss that isnt on every Sunday during the season. Its not on  during the week or on any of the pregame shows. That one thing is the Classics. You must be saying to yourself "Whats the classics?" Well, for me, the classics is the history of the NFL.  Where is it? I mean I hear previews of the week's games ad nauseum, which is fine, but I would like to have a balance. So my question is where are the classics?

I mentioned above that I'm 32 years old so my football history is limited but I'd like to know what happened to the NFL, pre 2000? Does that even exist anymore? Did it ever? I mean what I want and I think what a lot of fans want is maybe a channel(?) devoted to the classics of the NFL. Old NFL games in its entirety, old NFL Films shows, Old NFL Pregame shows, heck even the old NFL PrimeTime shows.  Make the old stuff accessible on youtube, hulu and other forms of media. Now, I know you will argue and say "well we have old stuff. A Football Life, America's Game, etc. Its not enough. Honestly, and this is just my take, but I think a lot of the NFL fans would rather watch classic games and films and whatnot, instead of hearing hours upon hours of hype for a game. I mean how much can you hype a game, week in and week out? I mean every game played isnt the Super Bowl.  I would just like to see, maybe, the playing field being leveled a little more. Devote time to the games each Sunday like you do now and the offseason with the Draft and the NFL Combine which is fine. I have no problem with that. I just wish you would throw some of the old school fans a bone.

I'd like to learn more about the game by looking at its past. I mean I know very little of the 86 Giants. Why? Because when they won Super Bowl 21, I was 4 years old.  How could I follow my team and not know really anything about them? Thats what I would like. Educate the fans to see that there were and was football in the past. If it wasnt for the past, we wouldnt be in the present.

So, NFL, is it too much too ask to give the fans what they want? I mean we are your fanbase. We are who you cater to. Hopefully, you do agree with me but even if you dont I'll be there this Sunday watching the NFL like I always do.

                                                                                                                Thank You,
                                                                                                                Jack C. Catalano